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fibre broadband

Netronix is pleased to offer fibre broadband. Pricing below is for Business & Home fibre broadband. Providing that the exchange & street cabinet have been upgraded to take it – we can supply you Very Fast DSL (VDSL) at speeds upto 80MB down, 20MB up depending on distance from your street cabinet to your property.


Fibre Broadband for business


  • Business Fibre

  • Allowance limit
  • Allowance Mon-Fri
  • Free Time - Mon-Fri
  • Free Sat/Sun
  • Fixed IP address
  • 24hr Customer Service


Fibre Broadband for home


  • Home Fibre

  • Allowance limit
  • Allowance - Mon-Fri
  • Free Time - Mon-Fri
  • Free Sat/Sun
  • Fixed IP address
  • 24hr Customer service


All our Fibre broadband services all carry a minimum 12 month contract, with an activation or regrade price of £58. The 2 packages – Fibre 30 and Fibre 45 have peak hours of 8am to 8pm for the Business Fibre – and 8am to midnight for the Home Fibre (which is where your allowance is used) and Free bandwidth outside of these hours – ideal for overnight backing up etc.  Upon consumption of the monthly allowance and all remaining top-up, the connection will be rate limited to 128Kbps with an additional 1GB provided FOC. Upon consumption of the additional 1GB the connection will be blocked until you purchases a top-up or reach the next billing period start date. Our fibre broadband unlimited packages don’t have these time and bandwidth constraints.

The Unlimited 40 packages will deliver upto 40mbs download speed and upto 2mbps upload speed. The Unlimited 80 packages will deliver upto 20mbs upload and 80mbs download. Make sure you check with us first to give you an expected speed – as broadband speeds vary at every location.

A BT Engineer will need to visit your premises as part of the activation process to fit an additional fibre modem – which your current router needs to be compatible and be able to connect to.  Contact us if in doubt, or search Google for a VDSL router (such as a Netgear WNDR3700).

You get 1 Free fixed IP address included.


Top Ups – incase you exceed your monthly allowance on Fibre 30 & 45:

  • Top-up Bandwidth – 10 GB – £25
  • Top-up Bandwidth – 25 GB – £35
  • Top-up Bandwidth – 50 GB – £65

Top ups will stay on your account until you cancel. So if you only use 10% of the topup before your next billing date, 90% will remain on the account until it is needed again.

If Fibre broadband  is not available in your area yet, you can move your broadband to us for free, and upgrade to fibre broadband for free when it is available. See our ADSL for business and home broadband.

Tell us your phone number / ADSL line / BT phone line number and we’ll check your line and let you know how fast we can supply and if is available for you.


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