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This Podcast is no longer available due to non Payment.


The podcast was hosted by us for 10 Downing Street – Tony Blair’s interviews. Apple Computer was our client (Number 10 was theirs), and they refused to pay the bandwidth fees when Number 10’s website was hacked by Chinese hackers.

Neither Apple nor 10 Downing Street would honour the payment – even tho we gave documented proof of an attack on Number 10’s website and their site was redirecting multiple Chinese IP addresses to us to deliver terabytes of data. Apple requested that we do not put any restrictions on the amount of downloads beforehand, and after removing the podcasts from live hosting, they asked us to put them back live the following day – confirming they would pay any costs….

This cost us over £400,000 and staff & premises loss.

A link to this podcast is still live and as of beginning 2016, 9 years later, over 20,000 people have tried to access this podcast.


A copy of these podcasts are available on the National Archives website – with new hosting provider ULCC here.




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